Total Extreme Wrestling 2020

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    • Total Extreme Wrestling 2020

      TEW 2020 wurde angekündigt, soll zwischen Ende 2019 und Mitte 2020 erscheinen und soll nicht wie bisher eine Weiterentwicklung sein, sondern fast eine Neuentwicklung.

      Adam Ryland schrieb:

      Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 Announced

      I'm pleased to officially announce that my next game with Grey Dog Software will be Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 and that the ever-popular developer's journal will be starting this coming Monday, the 10th December.

      Below I've put together a short FAQ on the subject.

      When is the game coming out?

      The original aim was to release the game in the summer of 2020. However, things have been progressing so well that I suspect we may now be looking a little earlier than that, possibly even Christmas 2019. You'll be reading about the progress in the upcoming developer's journal, and so the release date will be clearer as we move through the next year.

      Why is it such a long way off?

      The game has already been under development for some time and will have likely had about two years of work before it is released. The reason that this is so long (about double what we normally do) is simply that this is the biggest, most ambitious project to date.

      Usually each TEW game gets written on top of the previous one - this is the most efficient way to do it as it means that I don't have to "reinvent the wheel" each time. The drawback of this is that some often-requested features are simply not possible because the structure / architecture can't support them.

      For TEW2020, I've instead completely taken the game apart, rewritten the underlying architecture, and then put each feature back in one-by-one, revamping and upgrading as I go along. The end result is that while you're still going to recognise the game as being part of the TEW series, it's effectively a much sharper, quicker, more intuitive, better quality piece of work. This is going to be the biggest jump forward in terms of quality the series has ever seen (I can say that with confidence because it's already blowing TEW2016 out of the water and there's still at least a year of work to come!)

      What will the developer's journal cover?

      You've probably noticed that the journal will be running for a long time. Normally it lasts a month, this one will last over a year!

      The journal will effectively be split into two. For the next few months we'll be in 'catch up mode'. During this time I will be explaining what we've done so far - what changes have been made, what new features are in, etc. Once we've gone through all the changes (and there's already hundreds!) we'll move into a "live" journal. This will last for the remainder of the project and will effectively let you follow along with the game's progress as I'll be telling you what I'm currently working on, how testing is going, etc.

      The journal will not be a daily thing, purely because that would take away too much time from the development. Instead, you can expect two or three entries per week.

    • schrieb:

      Neuer Total Extreme Wrestling Teil angekündigt

      Gestern hat Adam Ryland, Schöpfer der Total Extreme Wrestling Spiele, im Forum des Publishers Grey Dog Software den Nachfolger des Wrestlingsimulators aus dem Jahr 2016 angekündigt. Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 befindet sich derzeit noch in der Entwicklung und soll zwischen Weihnachten 2019 und Sommer 2020 erscheinen.

      Vielen Dank an unseren Forenuser Wölfpack für den Hinweis!