Suplex Saga (PC)

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    • Suplex Saga (PC)

      Suplex Saga is an rpg where you play as wrestlers adventuring in a world entirely ran by wrestling. This game mixes the entertainment and back-slamming action of wrestling with the narrative and character development of a 2D RPG. For the first time in history, wrestling clashes with Final Fantasy, so move over all you Fighters and White Mages!

      Though the game will borrow from Final Fantasy inspirationally, it will use action based combat that Nintendo’s Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG series is more known for.
      • You will press a button rapidly to build up power for a brutal powerbomb.
      • You will fling your analog stick from one side to the other to wind up a clothesline that is sure to knock your foe to the ground.
      • Someone’s lying on the ground? Pounce them and press a button repeatedly with the right timing to rain down blows on their skull.
      • If an enemy attacks you, you can press a button at the right time to defend against it. Time it at the right frame, and you can reduce the damage completely, or even perform a reversal for a counter attack!
      • How about swinging someone into a turnbuckle or irish whipping them into a devastating move!

      While games like Final Fantasy have classes, Suplex Saga has wrestling styles. You’ll be able to customize your wrestler to your fitting by assigning them different skills from a host of different styles, such as
      • Technical (your standard mat and slam wrestler),
      • Powerhouse (the strongman, the big guy),
      • Submission (you like making people tap out),
      • Showman (the show off; think Bard from Final Fantasy),
      • Hardcore (the wrestler specializes in weaponry and environmental brutality).
      These styles will decide your moveset and your character’s stats.
      "I'd probably bang that mouth till I finished on those tits" – Seth Rollins