Total Extreme Wrestling 2016

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    • Die Faszination solcher Spieler kann ich nicht nachvollziehen, da muss man schon ein Liebhaber von langen Texten und Tabellen sein. :D
      Ich brauche da etwas mehr optisches Feedback, selbst uralte Wirtschaftssimulationen haben diesbezüglich mehr "Action" als diese Art von Spielen. Ich denke das ist die gute alte Frage des persönlichen Gustos. :)
      Egal was mit Terry Bollea ist, ich will deswegen nicht auf Hulk Hogan in einem Wrestlingspiel verzichten müssen!!
    • Bora schrieb:

      Die Faszination solcher Spieler kann ich nicht nachvollziehen, da muss man schon ein Liebhaber von langen Texten und Tabellen sein. :D
      Ich brauche da etwas mehr optisches Feedback, selbst uralte Wirtschaftssimulationen haben diesbezüglich mehr "Action" als diese Art von Spielen. Ich denke das ist die gute alte Frage des persönlichen Gustos. :)
      Jeder wie er halt mag, gelle? Ich kann dafür mit dem Universe-Modus der WWE-Gamesreihe nichts anfangen. Hier kann man sich regelrecht austoben und hat dazu wirklich ein ganz Wrasslin-Universum mit hunderten von Ligen als Konkurrenz etc. pp.

      Adam Ryland schrieb:

      Apr 01: Company Figureheads

      Each company now has the option of appointing a company figurehead (or 'ace'). This is the face of the company and the central focal point of the promotion's marketing and creative direction.

      Finding a strong figurehead can provide a massive boost, but requires long-term planning and a good eye for talent. Good figureheads are very hard to find but can provide such a boost to business that they're worth their weight in gold. This simulates the real-life impact that the WWF had with finding Hogan at exactly the right time, for example.

      A bad figurehead will tank business and is generally bad news. Companies don't have to have a figurehead, but going without means that you're not getting any of the potential bonuses. The battle between two big companies who are equally matched could easily be decided by who finds that key figurehead.

      The figurehead has lots of specific pros and cons applied to him; for example, he'll be in a much stronger negotiating position and demand more money, and he's easier to keep popular, but he will be far more heavily affected by losses. This can help simulate the meme about Cena always winning; if he is your figurehead you may well find yourself having him win all the time to allow you to keep reaping the benefits of having him be a strong figurehead for you.

      This is both a realistic feature and one that can potentially have a major impact on the way the player books, particularly in large organisations.

      Apr 01: Merchandise Sales Effect

      A top babyface worker may now take into account the drop in merchandise revenue he'd endure if he turned heel. This makes things more interesting as the player may be forced to turn other workers instead in order to keep the star happy, potentially altered booking plans. To stop this being a permenent issue, eventually all workers will relent and agree to turn heel.

      Apr 01: Casting Call

      When assigning gimmicks the user can now perform a 'casting call', giving him the ability to see all the workers who would particularly suit that gimmick. This is useful if the player has a specific role in mind.

      Apr 01: Harder Harmonies

      Relationships made creating a harmonious backstage environment too easy in previous games as the user could just stack up proteges and blood relatives. This has been addressed to make the system less abusable.

      Apr 01: Product Impacting In-Ring

      In previous games a company's product didn't impact the workers' in-ring performances very much, meaning the same workers would get similar ratings regardless of the company they were fighting for. This has now been altered so that the product can have a major impact and some workers will be significantly better or worse in certain companies.

      Apr 01: Recent Fortunes Reset

      For realism, a successful gimmick change or turn can potentially reset a worker's recent fortunes to simulate his fresh new creative direction.

      Apr 01: Extra Product Settings

      Extra settings have been added to the product screen, notably being able to ban risky moves or head drops - this impacts the injury rate of the company, at the expense of match ratings.

      Apr 01: Judge Finishes

      Road agent notes giving MMA-style finishes that go to the judges have been added.

      Apr 01: End Storyline Note

      There is now a road agent note that allows storylines to be ended in a segment automatically, thus negating the need to visit the storyline screen after to do it manually.

      Apr 01: Track Title Prestige

      By request, title prestige can be tracked in the same way that a worker's skills can.

      Apr 01: Storyline Notifications

      Momentum changes from storylines are now either e-mailed to the player or show on-screen.

      Apr 01: Storyline Heat Impact

      The heat that a storyline has can now influence the ratings of matches and angles that the participants are in.

      Apr 01: Flash Pin Upgrade

      Flash pins have been altered to be more realistic; they are now specifically about allowing someone to get beat without tanking their heat or momentum the way a 'proper' loss would. The flipside is that there are reduced bonuses for the winner.

      Apr 01: Tour Regulars

      Companies can now have tour regulars; these are workers who they'll always try to bring in if possible. This list is dynamic.

      Apr 01: Contracted For Matches

      In previous games workers could be contracts for a specific number of shows; this has now been adjusted to apply to matches instead. This allows workers to appear in angles to promote their matches without running down their contract.

      Apr 01: Too Small Note Upgrade

      The 'you're too small' note that would stop smaller companies from getting big stars has been relaxed slightly, allowing more scope for out of work stars to resurrect their careers.

      Apr 01: Furthered Storylines

      In previous games a company was forced to have a minimum number of storylines or they'd get a penalty. This has been adjusted so that the requirement is now to actually further a minimum number per event (rather than them just existing). This forces the player to actually pay more attention to how they're booking and not just lazily dodge the penalties. The number and lowest acceptable heat have also been adjusted to be fairer.

      Apr 01: Leaving Off Major Shows

      Workers are now smarter about when they complain about being left off major shows. In particular, being left off a season finale or legendary event is a huge sign of disrespect and will annoy anyone, even those who are quite low down. This forces the player to book more realistically and try and fit everyone on certain shows, even if it means stuffing people into a battle royal or turning singles matches into meaningless multi-way bouts, like this coming Sunday.

      Apr 01: Toxic Locker Room

      If your locker room harmony rating becomes low enough everyone will get a small 'toxic locker room' penalty. This forces the user to start dealing with growing bad situations before they poison everyone.

      Apr 01: Losing The Locker Room

      If the number of unhappy locker room leaders rises above the number of happy or neutral leaders then the player can 'lose the locker room', causing morale problems. Similarly, having no leaders whatsoever can cause issues too. This adds to the backstage management realism.

      Apr 01: Political Feedback

      After a show finishes, major players (main events, road agents, etc) can comment on lesser workers, either for better or worse. This can lead to relationship changes.

      Apr 01: Sneaky Writtens

      In previous games, AI companies who'd just fallen to Cult status often ended up with a booker on a PPA deal because it was almost impossible for them to still have the momentum to 'sneak' a written deal. This has been changed so that important jobs are automatically allowed to sneak a written deal. This leads to more realistic AI behaviour.

      Apr 01: Female Role Models

      Young, attractive, bubbly babyface females can be eligible to get a bonus to simulate a young female fanbase and being a positive role model to them.

      Apr 01: Clique Building

      Highly manipulative workers are now able to poison the minds of their friends to turn them against people they dislike, or, form bonds between two or more allies to create a clique.

      Apr 01: Isolation Effects

      A worker who has lots of enemies and few friends backstage now gets morale hits and may eventually choose to leave. This is another feature that makes managing the locker room more interesting and subtle.

      Apr 01: Intimidating Presence

      A worker who would otherwise have complained about a booking decision may now choose to keep quiet if the opponent is much tougher than him and decides to intimidate him. This can lead to some workers becoming the user's enforcers of sorts.

      Apr 01: Try Out Contracts

      A very short contract is automatically considered a 'try out' and this is taken into account during negotiations.

      Apr 01: Contract Offer Memory

      To make contract negotiations less exploitable, workers now remember all previous offers that they've recieved in the recent pact and will not fall for cheap tactics like being undercut or 'sounded out' by making offers to find the lowest acceptable limit and then exiting the screen and coming back in.

      Apr 01: Pulling Ribs

      In the locker room controls screen there is now the option for the user to pull ribs on specific workers. This can cause morale changes and impact the locker room atmosphere.

      Apr 01: Negative Chemistry Reminder

      The game will now pop-up warning messages if you try and book something that would trigger some negative chemistry that you've already discovered. The user can supress these messages if he wants.

      Apr 01: Announcer Experience

      Announcing teams with high experience are immune to poor chemistry in the same way that highly experienced tag teams are.

      Apr 01: Low Level Popularity

      Just appearing on shows helps boost worker popularity if the worker in question has virtually none to begin with. This helps get total rookies to at least a usable level pretty quickly.

      Apr 01: Momentum In Segments

      Significantly high or low momentum now affects segment ratings as it simulates fans being invested \ cold on a worker.

      Apr 01: Momentum Complaints

      Workers can now complain if their momentum gets too low, potentially leading to morale hits. They can also get pleased from good momentum. This makes roster management more realistic.

      Apr 01: Show Grade Calculation

      Rather than the penultimate match always being considered the 'secondary main event' figure for show grade calculations, it is now the best rated match (other than the main event). This makes it fairer and more realistic as the user can put his co-main event anywhere on the card, or put a 'calm down' bout before the main event without tanking the rating.

      Apr 01: Six Man Team Names

      Results will now name six man teams as 'X & Tag Team' where possible rather than just using three shortened names. This is more visually pleasing when reading histories.

      Apr 01: Using Stable Names

      When the user is booking a match with three or more wrestlers on one side the auto namer will automatically try and use stables names where possible.

      Apr 01: Smart Fatigue

      The AI is now smarter about using fatigued workers, but will overlook it if it means having them work on critical shows or season finales.

      Apr 01: Contract Expiry Change

      If a worker leaves due to contract expiry rather than being released it no longer creates the standard six month resigning block due to it not necessarily being a negative event.

      Apr 01: Freelancer Improvements

      The AI that governs freelancers has been improved, better simulating their tendency to stay with companies only for a short stay.

      Apr 01: Improved Title History

      A worker's title history list has now been significantly smartened up, with everything organised in a more logical manner and with importance incorporated.

      Apr 01: Original Belt Owners

      Titles can now be set to have an original (company) owner as well as a current one. In most cases it will be the same, but if a belt has been purchased by another organisation this allows the title to appear in the correct HOF listings.

      Apr 01: Narrative AI-Player Split

      By request, mod makers can now make specific narratives apply only to companies if they are AI-controlled or only if they're human-controlled if they want to.

      Apr 01: Locker Room Leader Search

      The user can now search for locker room leaders.

      Apr 01: Regional Battle Immunity

      After rising in size but still being less than Cult, a company now gets a one month immunity from regional battles; this helps them stabilise rather than yo-yoing.

      Apr 01: Being Sent Home

      As a new pre-show event, workers can show up who are physically unable to perform and therefore must be sent home. This adds an extra wrinkle to bookings and encourages occasional on-the-fly changes.

      Apr 01: Impairment Complaints

      Other workers in a match can now complain, and get morale hits, for working with opponents who are too high or drunk to perform properly.

      Apr 01: Impairment Via Road Agent

      If a worker is so high or drunk that he gets heavily penalised during a match then the road agent will now comment upon it.

      Apr 01: Loyalty Change

      If a worker goes more than six months without work or gets fired he now loses his loyalty to a specific company.

      Apr 01: AI Company Generation

      The game now has the ability to create its own companies during gameplay, not just rely on pre-created versions. This allows the game world to continue evolving with companies far longer than otherwise would have been possible.
    • Danke fürs Posten @Wölfpack :) Lag gestern den ganzen Tag mit Fieber im Bett und hab, wie gesagt, vollkommen übersehen, dass da gestern noch etwas kam ^^

      @Fjall: Ja, es wirkt wirklich so, also ob es man dieses Jahr einen extrem großen Schritt geht. Wenn auch die Umsetzung stimmt, dann können wir uns echt auf ein starkes Spiel freuen.

      Und ja, von diesem "geheimen Feature" habe ich auch schon gehört. Soll wohl noch eine große Neuerung geben, die nicht im DevJournal zu finden war. Bin gespannt :)

      @Bora Das Spiel kann man, denke ich, recht gut mit dem Fußball Manager vergleichen. Viele verstehen nicht, warum solche Spiele überhaupt entwickelt werden, während andere gar nicht genug davon bekommen können. Ist aber, wie du selbst sagst, Geschmackssache ^^
    • Was mich jetzt ein wenig beunruhigt hat ist die Tatsache, dass ein Real-World-Mod wohl etwas kompliziert werden könnte, wie Muffi sagte.
      Und eine Datenbank die auf realen Daten basiert ist für mich persönlich unverzichtbar, um so ein Spiel genießen zu können.

      Ich mag Simulationen sehr, aber ich bin da sehr pingelig und hoffe, dass die fanmade Datenbanken auch realistische Werte und Einschätzungen besitzen. Ist mir nämlich bei der 05er Version sehr negativ aufgestoßen und hat mich gestört, dass viele Werte und Attribute meiner Meinung nach falsch waren. Was die Stärken oder die Popularität angeht.

      Mir ist klar, dass es schwer ist, da irgendwie eine Lösung zu finden, die alle glücklich macht und der Wahrheit entspricht, vor allem weil jeder insgeheim ja seine eigene Meinung und Lieblinge hat, mich stört es persönlich immer sehr, wenn meine Ansichten und die der Modder so weit auseinander liegen.

      Das Spiel an sich scheint sich aber wirklich so einiges vorgenommen haben. Mal schauen wie die ganzen Neuerungen dem Spiel mehr Tiefe geben werden.
    • Sexton Hardcastle schrieb:

      ich bin da sehr pingelig
      Willkommen im Club. Ich sitz dann oftmals noch stundenlang rum um diverse Sachen in den Datenbanken zu ändern.

      Warte einfach mit dem Kauf und schau dir an, wie sich die Modding Community bei dem Teil jetzt entwickelt. Du hast ja immer die Möglichkeit dir die Mods via Demo anzuschauen.

      Ich werd mich wohl auch erstmal an die C-Verse Datenbank ranwagen.
    • Hey
      Da dieses spiel all die jahre an mir vorbeigegangen ist wie es scheint
      hätte ich mal folgende fragen:

      Ich nehme an das es ein rein englisches game ist? also keine deutsche textausgabe etc

      So wie ich das jetzt verstanden habe ist es dann nur über die entwicklerhompage zu erwerben, wie ist das da so mit bezahlen? pay pal möglich?

      Ist der Vorgänger auch irgendwo anderrs zu erwerben?
    • Hi,

      TEW ist ein englisches Spiel ohne deutsche Übersetzung.

      Mit PayPal kann man bezahlen.

      TEW 10 ist auf Steam erhältlich (musst nach Total Extreme Wrestling suchen). Zudem kannst du dir auf der Entwickler-Homepage die kostenlose Demo der 2013er Version downloaden.

      edit: zu langsam..

      Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 1 mal editiert, zuletzt von One ()

    • One schrieb:


      TEW ist ein englisches Spiel ohne deutsche Übersetzung.

      Mit PayPal kann man bezahlen.

      TEW 10 ist auf Steam erhältlich (musst nach Total Extreme Wrestling suchen). Zudem kannst du dir auf der Entwickler-Homepage die kostenlose Version der 2013er Version downloaden.

      edit: zu langsam..
      2013 ist nicht gratis ;) du meinst 05

      Dummy Yeah !
    • wwefan987 schrieb:

      One schrieb:


      TEW ist ein englisches Spiel ohne deutsche Übersetzung.

      Mit PayPal kann man bezahlen.

      TEW 10 ist auf Steam erhältlich (musst nach Total Extreme Wrestling suchen). Zudem kannst du dir auf der Entwickler-Homepage die kostenlose Version der 2013er Version downloaden.

      edit: zu langsam..
      2013 ist nicht gratis ;) du meinst 05
      Ups, da fehlt das Wort “Demo“. Ist korrigiert ;)