Total Extreme Wrestling 2016

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    • GDS Forum schrieb:

      Feb 10: Generic Venues

      A new feature added to the game is Generic Venues. The way this works is that the user does not have to pick a specific pre-made venue when holding a show, instead he can simply pick the region he wants to hold it in and select the Generic Venue button.

      The capacity is considered to be around the number of fans that the promotion draws (i.e. you don't get charged extra for seats you wouldn't have filled, nor are you turning people away).

      When viewing show histories, the game simply uses the region name in place of the venue (i.e. it would say "X were in Scotland" rather than "X were in Glasgow City Complex in Scotland"). Not having an exact venue named is really the only drawback of the system.

      The advantages are threefold. Firstly, this removes a massive amount of work for mod makers as there's no pressure to add even one venue, let alone multiple venues for every region - you could even leave the entire location file blank without causing any issues. Secondly, it removes the annoyance of being stuck 'between tiers', where, for example, you can draw 2000 people but only have the options for a 1000 capacity arena or a 5000 capacity arena - you no longer have to choose between turning away half your fans or shelling out money for 3000 seats that you can't fill. Thirdly, for users who don't care about having a specific venue then this makes booking a show even quicker as you can just grab a generic venue each time.

      Feb 10: Venue Hiring Costs

      In previous games, venue hiring costs were done in tiers, so there were big jumps when moving over certain capacity levels. This has been changed so that all hiring costs are now relative to the venue's capacity. This is a small change, but makes for slightly easier financial management and removes what was a previously pretty arbitrary price jump.
      Von den Generic Venues halte ich nicht viel, da sie den Realismus des Spiels mindern. Die Venue Hiring Costs hingegen sind eine sinnvolle Änderung, die speziell beim Booken von Indy-Shows sehr hilfreich sein können.
    • GDS Forum schrieb:

      Feb 11: Pregnancy

      New to the game in 2016 is pregnancy, if only because apparently some people have been adding it in as an defined injury in previous games which is just wrong on so many levels.

      Pregnancies work in a three stage manner. The initial announcement gives warning that the worker in question will be taking time off shortly. The worker then goes on maternity leave. Then, to the surprise of nobody but the most biologically challenged, the birth happens. The mother will remain on maternity leave for a short while after the birth too, for realism.

      Feb 11: Backstage Influence Guide

      As another small user-friendly touch, in a worker's Personal quick tab (i.e. the list on the right hand side of the Characters screen) the game now gives a guideline on whether he'd be a positive or negative influence in a locker room. This allows you to see at a glance whether you're dealing with a good egg, a bad apple, or some other food based metaphor. This saves you from having to visit their profile to look at their personality, potentially saving you a mighty four clicks of the mouse per character in total. TEW2016: fighting carpal tunnel syndrome one click at a time.
      Wieder zwei sinnvolle Änderungen, wie ich finde :)
    • GDS Forum schrieb:

      Feb 12: Body Types

      Workers in TEW2016 now have specific body types. Each worker can be one of the following eight categorisations:

      Average, Skinny, Toned, Muscular, Ripped, Flabby, Bulky and Obese

      This feature is primarily because there simply aren't enough petty arguments when making mods and I think a spirited fifteen page debate over whether Bull Dempsey is flabby or bulky will raise the level of discourse on the various forums immeasurably. (NB: If you are reading this paragraph over at the EWB forums, please replace the words "Bull Dempsey" with "Neville", and "flabby or bulky" with "bulky or obese".)

      These types are dynamic, shifting over time both due to ageing and because of the worker's actions. For example, some of the stories that were attached to weight changes in TEW2013, such as a worker letting themself go or putting on muscle mass, will now also impact their body type. There are also new stories specific to body type changes.

      Not just a cosmetic feature, when changing body type the worker can also see an impact on his stats. For example, a worker who becomes Ripped will see his looks and star power rise, but may lose a little stamina due to the increased muscle mass. Body types can also offer clues as to a worker's personality and habits; for example, somebody who has become Flabby is likely to not be the hardest worker in the world, whereas somebody who is Ripped could be secretly juicing.

      The new body type system has been added to the search facility in the various worker-related screens and is also visible next to their size rating on all screens too.

      The conversion process sets everybody from a TEW2013 database to Average as there is no data from which to make an informed guess. However, you can mass edit body types.

      Feb 12: Immortal Tag Teams

      The Hall Of Immortals has been expanded and can now also hold legendary tag teams as well as singles wrestlers. The criteria for tag teams is different to singles wrestlers but still only allows the best of the best to get in. This is primarily a cosmetic feature, but as a lot of people are fans of tag team wrestling it's nice to have it in the game anyway.
      Wieder zwei sehr vielversprechende Features :)
    • Schwangerschaften find ich interessant. Ich glaub, die wenigsten spielen 18 Jahre in einem Spiel, aber wäre cool, wenn dann früher oder später die Kids von anderen Wrestlern in der Datenbank auftauchen. Ich hoff das kommt noch rein.

      Der Rest hört sich auch nicht schlecht an. Ich hoff allerdings auch, dass noch die ein oder andere etwas größere Sache kommt.
    • Spontan würde mir das Development Liga System im Spiel einfallen. Aktuell kann man eine Liga gründen, das Produkt festlegen und dann besteht zwischen meiner und dieser Liga dieses Development Abkommen. Ich glaub, dass könnte mal eine Überarbeitung vertragen. Ich will meine Development Liga vielleicht selbst booken oder entscheiden, wer das für mich macht. Ich hätt auch gern die Möglichkeit die Wrestler mal für eine Show nach oben zu ziehen, um die zB im Dark Match zu testen. Ich glaub, gerade jetzt wo NXT so ne große Sache ist, wäre das mal eine Überlegung wert.

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    • GDS Forum schrieb:

      Feb 05: Advanced Web Search

      This is more of a utility than an actual feature, but it should prove very useful for a lot of players.

      Added to the web site part of the game is a new advanced search facility. This new area allows the worker to type in any piece of text and the game will search throughout the game for it, returning a list of all the workers who are in any way associated with it.

      This can be used for multiple purposes, but the main one is to address one of the long standing issues which is finding workers under alternate names. If you've been on the forums for any length of time you'll be aware that one of the most regular questions we get, especially for real world mods, is "I'm looking for X but I don't know what name he is under, who is he in this mod?". You can now type in the name you want (or even just part of the name) and the game will search for any mention of it in the following:

      Default names
      Default biographies
      Contract names
      Contract biographies
      Title histories (i.e. the name the wrestler used when holding a title)
      Alter ego names
      Alter ego biographies
      Tag team names

      For example, if you were playing a real world mod you might type in "Conquistador" and you'd get a list that might look like this:

      Jose Estrada Jr - mentioned in biography, mentioned in Alter Ego "Conquistador Uno"
      Jose Luis Rivera - mentioned in biography, mentioned in Alter Ego "Conquistador Dos"
      Adam Copeland - mentioned in Alter Ego "Edge" biography, mentioned in title history
      Christian - mentioned in title history

      And so on. You can click on any result to go straight to that worker's profile. You can search for any text term at all, so even if all that you remember is that a random CornellVerse bio mentioned someone being a world calibre softball player you could type in "softball" or even just "calibre" and you'd find them.

      This is also useful if you're reading through title histories or match results and come across a name you don't recognise; rather than having to do some detective work you can simply type the name in and have the game list all possible candidates.

      Hopefully this powerful utility will prove useful to a lot of players.
      Ganz, ganz starkes Feature! So etwas habe ich in den vergangenen Versionen echt vermisst. :t-up:
    • GDS Forum schrieb:

      Just a few short ones today: an often requested feature, a confirmation, and a very minor cosmetic touch.

      Feb 16: 3 vs 3 vs 3

      This was asked for a surprising amount of times, so TEW2016 now includes a 3 vs 3 vs 3 match type.

      Feb 16: 2013->2016 Converter

      To confirm, TEW2016 will continue the tradition of having a converter that turns a database from the previous game into one for the current version.

      Furthermore, this one has been enhanced to automatically find and fix some minor errors that may be in some mods, and will also 'best guess' to fill in some of the new pieces of data to save the mod maker some time.

      Feb 16: Themed Web Site

      Purely a fun little cosmetic touch, but on certain dates (including Christmas, New Years, and Halloween) the in-game web site has custom themed skins to reflect the time of year.
    • GDS Forum schrieb:

      Feb 17: Incident Handling Upgrade

      The way that users can deal with backstage incidents has been upgraded to make it more useful, user friendly, and realistic.

      As before, the user will be given a description of what happened together with a range of options (suspension, slap on the wrist, etc). However, each of the responses now has a much tighter definition of what you can expect to happen, with two key elements: how likely it is to improve the worker's behaviour and how much of a risk there is of the worker being upset by the decision.

      As you'd expect, this works on the principle of risk and reward; a stern warning, for example, only has a small probability of improvement but equally only carries a slight risk of upsetting him, whereas a suspension has a high probability of improving the worker's behaviour but will result in a morale hit most of the time. As before, the worker's individual personality also comes into play here and can affect the likelihood of a positive or negative response.

      As alluded to in an earlier journal entry, these options are available regardless of whether it's an incident involving one person, a duo, or a clique.

      By making the risks and rewards much more explicit and clearly defined, this allows the users to take much more informed decisions and to strategise properly.

      This features ties in strongly with a number of other features, many to be revealed later in the journal, as part of the vastly improved and much deeper morale \ backstage control part of the game which is one of the key parts of TEW2016's leap forward.

      Feb 17: Rehab

      Tying in directly to the above feature, a new response type has been added to the backstage handling - Send To Rehab. This is only available for those incidents that revolve around drugs or other substance abuse issues, and only for workers who are under a written deal.

      This adds another tool to the user's arsenal when it comes to trying to successfully deal with workers who may have gone down a bad path.

      Sending a worker to rehab carries a high probability of improving his behaviour and getting him to reduce or eliminate his personal demonds but comes with a mid-level chance of upsetting him and means they become absent for three to nine months while still getting paid.
    • GDS Forum schrieb:

      Feb 18: Habit Effect Upgrade

      In previous games a worker's lifestyle \ habits were always 'on'; i.e. if he was a heavy drinker it would impact every match and angle that he appeared in. This has now been upgraded so that they work in conjunction with his consistency stat, meaning that the effects are more hit and miss and therefore more realistic. This is particularly the case with low 'doses', which have much less chance of causing an issue.

      This change, as well as being for realism, also makes workers with bad habits less of a burden in terms of their performance and therefore slightly more attractive in terms of hireability; this plays in to some of the other backstage features (to come later in the journal), as it creates more of a risk-reward balance where you can bring in a talented but 'troubled' worker to enjoy the benefits of his in-ring work but at the expense of the possible negatives that his habits may cause backstage.

      In addition, smoking no longer impacts match ratings (as there are many real life smokers who don't seem to have any issues with long matches or general in-ring quality) and neither does historic (i.e. no longer ongoing) drug use. Instead, these habits impact a worker's life expectancy and physical decline only.

      Feb 18: Wrongful Termination

      In previous games there's was a slight loophole whereby if a worker you wanted to get rid of did something minor, like fart backstage, you could choose to terminate his deal - thus avoiding paying him the money he'd have been owed from ending his contract the normal way and not having to deal with his morale hit as he was not on your roster any more anyway. This was a useful but gamey way of occasionally avoiding a big severence fee while simultaneously removing some deadweight.

      In TEW2016 this loophole has been closed because workers can take legal action if they feel it was a wrongful termination. If they choose to take this route, a legal claim is lodged and taken to the courts. A month or so later on a decision will be taken; either the claim is rejected, in which case nothing further happens, or it is accepted, in which case the company will be liable to pay him. The amount will usually be considerably higher than it would have been if you'd just terminated his contract the normal, legal way to begin with.
    • GDS Forum schrieb:

      Feb 19: Broadcasters

      The entire broadcasting \ media concept has been completely overhauled for TEW2016. Today will be looking purely at the broadcasters themselves, we will then be covering how they interact with the wider game world in next week's entries - essentially this is a multi-part entry given its size and impact on TEW2016.

      Firstly, PPV Carriers and Networks no longer exist; they now both fall under the Broadcaster heading. The converter will automatically handle this for you.

      There are four styles of Broadcaster available:

      Pay-Per-View - Companies earn money based upon how many viewers it can attract. Revenue is quite variable as it depends on the 'draw' of the show being put on. This method is weak at growing a fan base but excellent at generating revenue.

      Commercial - Companies earn money from advertising revenue; the amount depends on the company's size, show length and time slot. Revenue is pretty stable as a result of this. This style is solid at both increasing a fan base and providing a good revenue stream.

      Free-To-Air - Companies earn no money at all but this style has the greatest rate of possible audience growth. It's an excellent way to build a fan base quickly, albeit a costly one as it doesn't generate revenue to offset any costs.

      Subscription - Companies earn revenue based on the value of the content they provide; this is decided by the company's size, show length and time slot. This method is similar to Commercial except that it has slightly higher potential revenue, slightly less potential audience growth, and usually has stricter requirements from the Broadcaster.

      The range (i.e. what regions the Broadcaster covers and to what level) is also editable, as it was under the old system.

      To offer the maximum flexibility possible, the requirements of each Broadcaster, which used to be coded into the game itself, are now also editable. These include minimum company size, minimum popularity (defined by two values, minimum popularity and the minimum number of regions that must hit that level), and 'Must Cover Home' (yes or no), which means that only companies who are based within a region that the broadcaster is shown in are eligible (this is useful if you don't want, for example, an overtly American sports network to start signing deals with Japanese companies even if they were big enough to meet all the other requirements).

      There are also product settings that allow the broadcaster to be more or less favourable to certain product types. There are also some other editable requirements that will be revealed at a later date as they are linked to another feature that hasn't been announced yet.

      This flexibility allows mod makers to set up pretty much any scenario they care to do, so if you want to have small companies able to grab PPV deals, you can. The combination of Free-To-Air and the new editable requirements also allow you to simulate Internet content if you wanted to.