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    • Das habe ich auch schon gesehen und eigentlich bin ich mir sicher, dass es ein Fake ist.
      Dort sind genau 100 Slots zu sehen (wenn ich mich nicht verzählt habe) und diese sind in ECW, Divas, Legenden, NXT und WWE gegliedert - das hieße für mich, dass jeweils 20 Superstars/Diven pro "Abteilung" dabei sein sollten. Und ich kann mir beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen, dass es nur 20 aktuelle WWE Stars gibt ^^
    • Alles Fake würde ich sagen, bestimmt erstellt also ein Edit vom WWE2k15 auf dem PC.

      Aber vielleicht ist ja hier was dran?

      Credit to romanticking from, I've just copied the post. Exciting info.

      From a Q&A session that John (@JohnM110X90) held on Twitter today:

      Note: I edited some of the questions for spelling errors & capatilization in order to avoid confusion.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will there be voice overs in wwe 2k16?
      A: Yes. Renee Young was recording for new Universe Mode segments. Backstage segments.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 does Dean Ambrose come out in his jacket?
      A: Grey Tank, Leather Jacket with DA logo, dark blue jeans

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Can you go through the crowd or to backstage during a match?
      A: Only a small area in the four corners of the crowd.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 does Tyler Breeze come out with the selfie stick?
      A: No. It's his pre-selfie stick entrance.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will the MyCareer mode be improved this year?
      A: MyCareer will be slightly different than last year.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Will 2K update attires GFX Packs if they change?
      A: There will be Attire/Entrance patches every 4 to 6 weeks featuring updated things for a few superstars/divas.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 any info on when the cover will be revealed?
      A: Likely the cover will be revealed in conjunction with Lesnar's return to TV, since he is the center of the cover.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 do you know when will WWE 2K16 be at E3?
      A: 2K will occupy E3. That's all I am willing to say.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 what arenas will 2K Showcase have exclusive to it?
      A: About 40% of the Arenas are Showcase Exclusive. Most of those are Hogan's.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 as far as Superstar Threads, will that be back this year???
      A: Yep. With some Superstars and Divas having various looks and hairstyles that can be swapped.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 If Balor is in the game his entrance will be as awesome as real life, and pls tell me 2K sync Ortons lights with music
      A: Orton's entrance is fixed and updated. Balor's entrance is exactly as in real life.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 what divas have different looks and all of that???
      A: The Bellas, Natalya, Naomi.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will Seth Rollins have the same amount of blonde hair or will there be less this year?
      A: Less. Also, Hair in general will get messy like in real life.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 can you tell me what their looks are? Bella's mostly. (Meaning the Divas talked about above)
      A: Various lengths, color changes.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 how updated is the game from last year's?
      A: They stripped WWE 2K15 to a skeleton and added new flesh.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 since you just mentioned Naomi, does she have her light up boots this year?
      A: No but expect it to be an attire patch.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 wait you can change hair color for superstars/divas???
      A: No. Certain superstars/divas have more than one hairstyle that can be changed. Specific to those talents though.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 What arenas will be on the game? I mean just 2014/15 or past WM like 27 30 etc
      A: Lets put it this way...Cena's Showcase features at least 1 match per year of his WWE Career. Each is an unlockable arena.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Any new match types??
      A: Showcase has exclusive match types.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 does Ambrose have an updated Dirty Deeds that wasn't in the past game?
      A: Yep. Rollins has that Phoenix Splash. New Day has their Tag Team moves.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 do you know when the roster reveal will be?
      A: The plan is to start a weekly reveal from the Saturday before Summerslam until the game's release.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 does Rollins still use the Curb Stomp in the game?
      A: No. It's been removed. BUT Create-A-Move is returning and a variation of it is in that mode.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 what are some of the new OMG's that's in the game?
      A: Ladder Powerbomb. Sister Abigail Into The Ring Post. Running Senton Off The Apron. Powerbomb Through Minitron.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 what are some of the removed items from the game?
      A: Not much is removed. My Career starts in NXT with goals that you must complete to advance to WWE.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Does Seth have that Facelock DDT finisher that he used on Dolph Ziggler in the game?
      A: Yep and the Phoenix Splash.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Is the Create an Arena returning? And in case its returning how it is? What new features are included?
      A: Yes. It will feature 36 Fresh Arenas ( 20 are unlockable). There is also Arena Editor which allows you to edit 22 Arenas.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will Create a Diva be in the game?
      A: Yes.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Will the Kane from 2001 be in the game?
      A: No

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will there be more superstars in the ring this year?
      A: Nope

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Is there a new running spear for Roman Reigns, a new 619, F-5 and shooting star press
      A: Rey Mysterio's moves have been removed

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Lesnar's sponsors will be in his attire? The same in other superstars
      A: No sponsors

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Is there a new running spear for Roman Reigns?
      A: Yep

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will we have more hair & beard options for custom superstars?
      A: Yes. There are 250 new additions.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 what about the spear and F-5
      A: There are 7 different Spears, 6 versions of F5

      Q: @JohnM110X90 where will Dean Ambrose be on the WWE 2K16 cover?
      A: This is the order: Ambrose, Bryan, Reigns, Lesnar (center), Rollins, Cena. The Authority is faded in the background.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 I know you can't talk about who its in the roster but, can you say if it is the biggest? or some details
      A: Larger than 2K15. I believe the largest on-disc roster to date.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will Finn Balor have the running drop kick into the turnbuckle?
      A: Finn Balor's moves are up to date so...

      Q: @JohnM110X90 does Bryan have his new hair & attire?
      A: Rumble 2015. He has various Beard and Hairstyle swaps.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Will Paige be in the game and if so, will she have multiple attires?
      A: She has one attire.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Is the running senton for Paige? (referring to the OMG! moment question above)
      A: Wyatt

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will your superstar in MyCareer talk this year?
      A: Yes but it's sadly only a single generic voice.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 does Paige have her blue hair piece in the game?
      A: Nope.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 how many new crowd chants are in this year's game?
      A: Geez. A LOT. There is everything from Fight Owens Fight, to This Is Awesome, to New Day Sucks, to Wyatts Gonna Kill Ya.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 what new moves are in this year's game?
      A: There are new moves for a majority of the current Superstar roster.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will Kevin Owen's pop-up powerbomb also be a catching finisher?
      A: Yes

      Q: @JohnM110X90 is the submission system the same as last year's?
      A: I haven't heard anything about it changing

      Q: @JohnM110X90 any current wwe superstars have mo-capped for this year's game?
      A: NXT and Indy talent

      Q: @JohnM110X90 does Tyson & Cesaro have their swing into a drop kick move in the game?
      A: YES!

      Q: @JohnM110X90 More than 6 wrestlers at the same time?
      A: No

      Q: @JohnM110X90 does Tyson Kidd have his updated attire?
      A: purple cat attire lol

      WWE 2K16 Menu Music will feature 19 songs chosen by Wyatt, Rollins, Austin, Ambrose and Reigns.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will Renee have short hair or long hair?
      A: Short

      Q: @JohnM110X90 does Renee young appear in my career?
      A: Renee will appear in cutscenes in Universe mode.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Have Graphics change, well not graphics, they're good but the models and hair, especially hair
      A: Hair... yes

      Q: @JohnM110X90 can you give us a song chosen by Ambrose?? (Menu Music question here)
      A: All I know is that he chose 2 songs.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will it be mostly rock? (Menu Music question again)
      A: I heard Wyatt chose some creepy folk/country stuff. It's a mix of different sounds for sure.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 who will be ring announcer, also will MyCareer end when you win the WWE Title like last year?
      A: Lilian for WWE, Eden for NXT. My Career ends in a special way.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will any special WM31 entrances be in the game?
      A: Triple H. Wyatt. Rusev.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will Undertaker have his WM31 attire?
      A: Yes.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Will there be face scan in this years game so you can put yourself in it???
      A: Yes.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 do you know if 2K Showcases are returning? If so what are the Showcases?
      A: Yes. Hogan 80s to 90s. Austin 90s to 00s. Cena 2003 to 2015.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will there be new Rumble animations this year?
      A: Every Superstar has a Rumble Finish.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 do you know what any of the DLC are wearing in the game???
      A: Unfortunately no because it's bound to change.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Is Alicia Fox in the game? I just hope there's a better divas selection.
      A: Yep.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Austin mode will be fun.. Was kind of hoping for a Brock Showcase
      A: Brock is featured heavily in Cena's showcase.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 so I'm just curious with Eva being in it, like how will they do her move set??
      A: It's been talked of as "comical".

      Q: @JohnM110X90 is the diva's gameplay still the same?
      A: No. There is a roughness in this year's game.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 what are some of the new match types?
      A: New match types are exclusive to the Showcases. Not playable outside of Showcase.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will you be able to put divas through MyCareer mode?
      A: No.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Will there be patches to fix attire,entrances,moves,etc??? And will there be more names to choose from in Creating a superstar?
      A: I was the first to break the news about updated attire and entrance patches every 4 to 6 weeks. Yes, there are more names.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 can you confirm whether or not AJ Lee will be in this year's game?
      A: 2K is being very wishy washy...

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will 2K14 matches like handicap matches, ladder matches, tornado tag etc... be playable outside of showcases or is it same?
      A: Ohh. Yes. A lot of those types of matches are returning but things like I Quit are Showcase exclusive.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 how long will this updated entrance & attire patch go on? 7 months?
      A: The way they're describing it is patches that are related to the BIG 4 PPVs so Survivor Series, Rumble, Mania, SummerSlam.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will Brie have her Brie Mode theme in this year?
      A: Yep

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Is there a new swanton, pop up powerbomb and coup de grace
      A: Pop Up PB and Coup De Grace

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will Cena have his blue attire this year?
      A: Cena will have all attires from 2014 up until Fast Lane.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Is Kalisto's finisher in?
      A: Yes to Kalisto's finisher.

      Q: @JohnM110X90 Is there a new Shooting Star Press since Evan Bourne is doing mo-cap?
      A: Yep

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will Sheamus' new look be in the game?
      A: Yep

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will the new LED screen that's on the apron be in this year's game?
      A: only in NXT

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will there be over 7 NXT superstars in this game?
      A: Most of NXT's roster is in the game

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will WM31 arena be daytime or night time?
      A: Day

      Q: @JohnM110X90 will the ramp size be the same?
      A: Yep

      Q: @JohnM110X90 I know u said no roster questions but will smaller wrestlers like Los Matadores, Zack Ryder, Heath Slater and Summer Rae be in???
      A: all those

      He also went on to say:
      WWE 2K17 will be exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One. There is currently talks of a Tough Enough Mode depending on the popularity of the show.

      Got this from 2K forum and johnM110X90 twitter.


      Währe end geil wenn das stimmen würde was er da sagt.
      PSN: KKStyler
    • wtf!! DAS SIND JA MAL SEHR VIELE INFORMATIONEN. Sehr viele positive Nachrichten, aber auch teils negative. Wobei die Vorfreude umso mehr steigt!! Vieles klingt meiner Meinung nach plausibel. Quelle:

      - 7 DLC Packs #WWE2K16, 3 Showcases, 3 Roster Packs, 1 Moves & Creations Pack. Wird diesen Freitag angekündigt.
      Er kennt anscheinend alle Infos zu WWE 2K16 und meint das es 106 Superstars auf der Disc sind.
      WWE 2K18 - Noch bessere Screenshots dank der neuen Free Cam im Highlight Reel Modus!
      HD screenshots from the WWE 2K series

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    • Also falls an dem Q&A was dran ist, habe ich (zumindest für mich) NUR eine interessante Infos rausgelesen:

      - Neue Cutszenen im Universe Mode mit Rene Young (klingt nach Backstageinterviews usw.)

      Was wir negativ aufgefallen ist:
      Zu MyCareer wurde gesagt "slightly changed" d.h. im Großen und Ganzen eine minimale Veränderung zum Vorgänger und startet direkt bei NXT!

      Also kurz und knapp: Der selbe Modus wie letztes Jahr sogar noch etwas kürzer gehalten! (Na toll!)

      Wenn ich die anderen Sachen so durchlese, scheint das Spiel diesmal ganz im Zeichen der Create Modi zu stehen (Superstars, Divas, Storys im UM, Create a move usw.)

      Und Showcase ist auch wieder dabei!

      Bis jetzt weiß ich nicht ob ich lachen (UM) oder weinen (MyCareer) soll. Na ja hilft nur abwarten...